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This layer represents building footprints for the entire City of Salinas, as extracted from 2018 4-band, 3" resolution aerial images. Aerials were flown with 80% forward overlap and 60% sidelap in June of 2018. DEM and DTM rasters were created using SimActive Correlator 3D photogrammetry software. Footprints were extracted using object-based image analysis techniques in Trimble eCognition Developer 9.4. Upon export, they were post-processed in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 using the Regularize Building Footprints tool, followed by the Simplify Buildings tool. Any polygons less than 250 square feet were removed, as were temporary agriculture structures. The dataset contains known errors but was evaluated to be over 94% accurate using a random sampling scheme of 962 points.

Service Item Id: 31c5d48e2f73487f9eccd2d16e4a3400

Copyright Text: Originator: City of Salinas, Public Works Department, GIS Division. Created by Charles Hanley, 3/9/2020.

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