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This layer represents City of Salinas General Plan Land Use, as adopted in the 2002 General Plan. The data is split along 2002 parcels lines, and contains areas both within and outside of the 2002 city limits. The meaning of certain data fields has been lost as of 2021, but all data attributes have been maintained in their original form. A field indicating whether polygons fell inside or outside the 2002 city limits has been added ['CityLimits_02']. A second additional field was added ['GPLU_Designation'] to contain the full LU designation title. The data was copied from /.../GeneralPlan_2002/MapRevisions/cba_landuse.gdb (cba_landuse_official and cba_outerlanduse_official) This layer was created by Charles Hanley on 07/06/2021.

Service Item Id: 8c9c744db3014de3b82f15dbe23a58a6

Copyright Text: Originator: City of Salinas, Public Works Department, GIS Division

Spatial Reference: 102644  (2228)

Single Fused Map Cache: false

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Document Info: Supports Dynamic Layers: true

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